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Shipping Policy

SHIPMENTS LEAVE ON MONDAYS,TUESDAYS,WEDNESDAYS & SOMETIIMES THURSDAYS. This is to preserve your shipment and ensure it arrives frozen, and to prevent stoppages of mail on weekends. Nothing is more important than you receiving your arancini in tact and ready to cook. Your shipment will arrive in plastic trays then bagged with ice packs or dry ice for delivery depending on your location. We use tested methods to ship our frozen riceballs directly to you. Our riceballs may arrive slightly thawed upon delivery but still cold and ready to cook.  Inside each shipment we will include cooking instructions and labels showing what you ordered.

 We accept that there are certainly risks in shipping frozen food and cannot be held responsible for delays outside our control. Please visit our shipping partners website to get further information about your shipment. Due to state laws we are not allowed to accept returns for our riceball deliveries, but we will try to work with you to rectify any issues. If you do in fact have in issue , make sure to contact us as soon as possible upon delivery. We cannot refund shipping costs and cannot cancel orders once a shipment is sent out. If you have additional questions please call us at 609-240-7590 or email We value you as a customer and appreciate your loyalty!